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One of the porticos in Bologna


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Bologna, Italy, a Center of Culture

Ask Italians which city they most prefer and Bologna will invariably top the list, yet most foreign tourists have yet to discover this charming city located in the center of the Emilia Romagna region.

If you have ever used the Italian autostrada or railways, there is a good chance you've passed through Bologna en route to Venice, Florence, or Milan because of its strategic location at the junction between northern and southern Italy... Read more

GoNOMAD Destination Guide -- Lake Como, Italy

In common with so much of Italy, Lake Como drips charm and romance. European writers, artists and composers 'discovered' the region in the 19th century and have been waxing lyrical ever since.

Italians have always known about the lake however, as for centuries wealthy Milanese and Lombardians have escaped the pollution and the humidity of the cities on a Friday, for weekends spent sailing and sunbathing...Read more

Getting Acquainted With Italy's Piedmont Region

When most people consider traveling to Italy, they think of Florence, Venice and Rome. But if you’re interested in an alternate Italian experience, with great food and wine but without the crowds, look into Torino (Turin) and the Piedmont region.
Mami Camilla's cooking school
Mami Camilla's cooking school

Torino is a vibrant city in Northwest Italy.  Once the seat of immense power under the House of Savoy, Torino was the capital of the newly unified Italy in 1861. 

Bordering France and Switzerland, the Piedmont region is known for fine wine – Barbaresco, Barolo and Barbera, for example - but until the Olympics this area was not so well-known to tourists, and is still a bit of a mystery...Read more

GoNOMAD: Cooking in Italy at Mami Camilla's

"I want you know the simplicity of the Neapolitan cuisine," Giuseppe Longo told us. "It is about the simple way we cook our food and the wonderful ingredients we use here," he said, setting before us a plate of very ripe yellow melon draped in prosciutto paired with the local fruity white wine.

A lemon vendor on Lake Garda
Lemon vendor in Sirmione on Lake Garda
We had stepped off the bus from the Naples airport in Sant 'Agnello, a suburb of Sorrento on Italy's southern Mediterranean coast. We sat under the shade of lemon and olive trees in the courtyard, and contemplated the week ahead at Mami Camilla's Taste of the South of Italy. Read more

Italy's Brescia Province: A Land of Magical Abundance

When I was seven, I had one of those thick cardboard storybooks of the tale of Pinocchio.  What it lacked in extensive storytelling, it more than made up for in illustrations.

One of the most striking images was of a heavily laden table, filled with all manner of brilliant fruits, goblets and bottles of wine, rich meats and desserts, and more importantly, a sense of magical abundance... Read more

Benvenuto! Sicily's Warm Friendly Welcome

Foreigners near and far travel to Sicily as tourists, but leave the island as humbled guests. Sicilians welcome strangers not by a measly crack but with the doors to their homes swung wide open. At first, I was apprehensive about my encounters with
Sicilians while overseas.

“Sicilian men may whistle, make comments, and generally be more aggressive than you may be accustomed to,” a member in my group warned. “Travel in groups.” Read more


Roman paintings and mosaics in Pompeii - photo by Laura Stone
Roman paintings and mosaics in Pompeii

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Riders in the Festa Sant'Efisio in Sardinia - photo by Cindy Bigras
Riders in the Festa Sant'Efisio in Sardinia - photo by Cindy Bigras

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as the capital of the Alps, and capital of the Piedmonte region, the fourth-largest city in Italy. It's
Watch Travel Videos on GoNOMAD Italy Tips And Tricks: Rome Watch more Rome videos
Edwards photos. A Bologna, Italy: Seven of the City's Secrets By Catherine Edwards Bologna
Kids on the beach in Portovenere, Italy. Photo by Alexandra Regan. Click on photo to return
A Kids enjoy playing on the beach in Portovenere, Italy, on the Ligurian coast. photos
An ancient shield at a feast parade in Tarquinia, Italy. photos by Daniel Foster
A House Museums in Italy: Visting where Artists, Writers and Royalty once lived
Kids enjoy playing on the beach in Portovenere, Italy, on the Ligurian coast. photos
A Gelato Revelation in Southern Italy By Layne Mosler I was nearing the end of a multi-course
was underway. A Artisans from every province of Italy had arrived for a high end ceramics fair.A All
in Traviso, Italy. Paul Shoul photos. By Paul Shoul GoNOMAD StaffA Treviso, near Venice in northern
Italy: A Week on a Tuscan Farm By John Blanchette Flying into Florence, my
Church of St. Pietro, Portovenere. Photo by Alexandra Reagan. Italy. click to return
Mom and Dad check out the local vehicles in Le Marche, Italy. photo by Max Hartshorne
, Florence, or Milan because of its strategic location at the junction between northern and southern Italy

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