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Hibiscus flowers in Costa Rica
hibiscus flower

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Locavore Costa Rica: Living the Dream 

Is Costa Rica really the happiest place in the world? According to an international poll, the ecotourism paradise is number one on the "World Database of Happiness" with number 2 being Denmark and the United States at 20 out of 148.

"Pura Vida" is Costa Rica’s mantra to Pure Life. What is purer than ziplining through cloud canopies or doing yoga in a spring-fed waterfall? Or rappelling in a spring-fed waterfall?

Costa Rica has no army, much of the land is protected rainforest and the lifestyle is 90% sustainable.

Does sustainability equal happiness?  The answer was a plane ticket away. A tough job but somebody had to do it. Read more...

Costa Rica Tour Combines Recreation With Conservation and Education

Costa Rica is well known for friendly locals and welcoming beaches -- a great place to enjoy the beauty of both Caribbean and Pacific waters.

But besides exotic drinks on sun-warmed sand, Costa Rica also offers many educational opportunities for travelers, especially families, who want to learn about Costa Rica’s environment, its wildlife and its agriculture.

Costa Rica’s Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center, the Savegre Reserve and Ballena Marine National Park combine recreational activities with programs to increase awareness of ecological issues like sustainable agriculture, ecotourism and economic development that is beneficial for people and for the environment. Read more....

Biking in Costa Rica's Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center - photos courtesy of Adventure Life
biking in costa rica


Costa Rica: History, Geology and Pageantry

It’s 6 p.m. on the eve of Independence Day and Costa Rica has screeched to a halt, as the national anthem is warbled by a countrywide choir of all Costa Ricans. The flickering of lanterns around me reflects the re-creation of history, specifically, the decree issued from Congress in Guatemala City on September 15, 1821.

Costa Rica was officially declared independent from the Central American colonial government. However, nobody told the Costa Ricans about it for nearly a month, due to the absence of phones, faxes, or e-mails. Read more...


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Costa Rica

Hibiscus flowers in Costa Rica Read More Stories About Costa Rica on GoNOMAD
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