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An elephant ride in Ayutthaya. Photo by Sarah Cavicchi.
An elephant ride in Ayutthaya

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A Perfect American Fourth of July -- in Thailand

I love my new life in paradise: Bangkok, Thailand. Now, I finally get to do life's little pleasures -- those things I always wanted to do, but was just too busy working to do. These days, I regularly write while seated on a blanket under a shady tree, next to a lake in a beautiful, well-manicured park...

But after a little while of getting my freedom and having a change of pace, I found myself missing certain familiar and fun activities from my past life.

Bun Bang Fai: The Rocket Festival of Laos and Thailand

This is one festival that could only be held in a developing nation and with only the briefest glance, a plethora of occupational health and safety issues blatantly stare you in the face. In a first world country the public liability insurance alone would cancel all hope of holding such an event. 

Wild Thailand: Elephants, Cobras and Tigers

For someone who goes to Thailand every year for a combination medical check up, Bangkok's annual film festival and Asia's air hub (this year I'm catching the next flight to Kazakhstan), the uniformly saliva-inducing food and happy kind people can become old Thai hat. This year I found the solution to boredom by walking on the wild Thai side, checking out spitting cobras, huggy boas, curious elephants and cuddly tigers.

Koh Samui, Thailand: Great Beaches, Spicy Food and Mummified Monks

I had been to Thailand many times before but had yet to visit Koh Samui. I put that right after friends said that they loved the place so much they had bought a house there and invited me to stay. They loved the people, beaches, the spicy food, phallic rock formations, culture and the strange mummified monks.

An elephant draws a picture of an elephant - photo by David Rich
An elephant draws a picture of an elephant - photo by
David Rich

Ayutthaya, Thailand: Exploring An Ancient Siamese City

In the ruins of Ayutthaya there are more than 30 separate parts of the old city to explore, all within a four-mile radius of one other, so if historical travel is your thing, the Ayutthaya ruins can keep you busy for quite a while.

Founded around 1350 A.D., the city was the country of Siam's second capital, replacing the nearby abandoned Sukhothai. Because of its location between China and India, it became a huge trading center for Asia and the rest of the world. Foreign settlements with traders from as far as the Netherlands and France were constructed outside the city limits.

Learning to Train Elephants in Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand: Change in the Air

Thailand: Dada's Grand Plans for Helping Kids

Kicking up a Storm: Women’s Kickboxing in Thailand

A Hmong woman in Thailand
A Hmong woman in Thailand

Loi’s Lights: Thailand’s Beautiful Loi Krathong Festival

Hangin' with the Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand

Saving Endangered Sea Turtles on Mannai Island in Thailand

Swinging in the Trees in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Holiday Recreation: Sea Kayaking In Thailand

A Restaurant with a Mission: Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok

An Insider’s Guide To Bangkok

A Day in Bangkok's Lumpini Park

Take a Load Off: Adopt an Elephant

Getting Married On Location: Destination Weddings On the Rise

From Touring to Learning: Alternative Travel in Southeast Asia

One Day in Bangkok for Less Than Ten Dollars (US)

Caring for the Rejected: Helping People with HIV/AIDS in Thailand

Phi Phi Islands Thailand: Beauty and a Bummer


Monks by a rice paddy in Thailand. Photo by Bill Reyland. Click on photo to return
Doi Chaang, Thailand. Photo by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo to return to Matthew
A boy from the Akha tribe in northern Thailand. Photo by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo
Phi Phi Islands, near Phuket Thailand. photo by Globe Trodden. click photo
Leah Welch with her trainers at MMA Phuket Learning to Kick Like a Man in Thailand
Our camp, set up on a terraced rooftop overlooking the sea, Laem Thian, Thailand. photos by Naomi
Taggart Thailand, you know I love you. You know that I can't get enough of your springs, waterfalls
A floating buddha in thailand. photo by Mike Smith. But What About Your Buddha? By Hy LyfeA I had
An elephant ride in Ayutthaya. Photo by Sarah Cavicchi. Read More about Thailand
Tracing a New River: Doi Saket, Thailand by Antonio Graceffo Ask any of today's
Akha tribe member in northern Thailand. photos by Terry Braverman. Hangin
A member of the Akha tribe harvests coffee beans in Doi Chaang, Thailand. Photo
Buddha at the Grand Palace, Bangkok. photos by Paul Shoul. Thailand Love Me
Kayaking In Thailand A A By Elaine Jane Sirivong na Ayuthaya A Little History of the Kayak
Monks before their offering at the Dusit Thani, Pattaya, Thailand. Photos by Gary Singh

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