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The cobras at Saqarra - photos by David

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Mummy Dearest: A Visit to the Real Egypt

A decade after first sampling Egypt’s pyramids, temples, obelisks, and other tourist traps (for ease of collective reference, mummies), I returned curious.

Had Egypt changed, and did it offer any attractions outside its well-worn mummies: the Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, obligatory cruise on a Nile hotel boat, ornate temples, and looted tombs? Surprisingly, I found viable alternatives to trodden tourist tracks... Read more

The Mystery of Egypt's Great Sand Sea

The Great Sand Sea of the eastern Sahara is aptly named; an unbroken mass of dunes the size of New Mexico which smothers the barren frontiers of Libya and Egypt and is home to not one living soul.

Parallel dune ridges run north-south for hundreds of miles, and anyone journeying here has to be exceptionally well prepared, as there's not a single well or water source in 150,000 square miles -- extreme even by Saharan standards... Read more

By Sand or By Sea: Sinai Safaris Take It All In

A mecca for pilgrims as well as sun worshippers, Egypt's Sinai desert is a lesson in duality --simultaneously holy and profane, barren and bountiful. Some travelers come as pilgrims; others prefer to sun themselves senseless on the beaches of Basata or Tarabin. But, for an alternative way to tour the region, try a Sinai safari... Read more


Inside Egypt: The Mummy, the Pyramids and Me

Qarat-Qasr-Salim - photo by David Rich

Egypt: Who WAS King Tut, Anyway?

A Celebration in Luxor

Desert Driving: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Overlanding the Sahara

Hollywood's North African Mirage

David Rich's Egyptian Photo Gallery

Siwa Oasis, Egypt: Visiting an Ancient Oracle

A Family Vacation in Egypt: Exciting and Relaxing




. Egypt: Cairo and the Countryside By Lucy Mercer-Mapstone Egypt is more than just the pyramids
Hatshepsut's Temple in Egypt...all to ourselves! They Don't Hate US: Five Good Reasons Why Now
in Egypt: Exciting and Relaxing By Alexandra Regan Egypt does not immediately come to mind when most
The cobras at Saqarra - photos by David Rich Read More about Egypt on GoNOMAD
A donkey at the ACE, where working animals are cared for in Luxor, Egypt. Photos by Jessica
The cobras at Saqarra - photos by David Rich Mummy Dearest: A Visit to the Real Egypt
Egypt: The Mystery of the Great Sand Sea By Chris Scott The Great Sand Sea of the eastern
. Photos by Mary O'Brien Egypt: Who WAS King Tut, Anyway? By Mary O'Brien When I was a child
Temple of the Oracle of Amon in Siwa, Egypt. Photos by Robin Graham. Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Egypt: The Mummy, the Pyramids and Me By Ed Wetschler I found the prospect of visiting Egypt
beaches. W. Ruth Kozak Photos. By W. Ruth Kozak The Kempinski Resort Hotel in Soma Bay, Egypt. The hot
cost LE250 for us all. MusaAa phone number is (Egypt Country code +20) (0)12 106 2478 How to get
The mask of Tutankhamen - photo by Ed Wetschler Click on photo to return to Ed Wetschler's story about Egypt
By Mariel Kennison If you need any more convincing to purchase your plane ticket to Cairo, Egypt
is lighter and flakier. Wikipedia photo. Dinner Egypt, land of pharoahs, pyramids, and pizza. Well


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