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Corn Island
corn island

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Nicaragua: In Dreams on Little Corn Island

It’s almost time for the ferry to push off, heading into the open seas for Little Corn Island. I’m standing on the dock watching the police officers with their AK-47’s, sky blue uniforms and black berets stroll along the pier, inspecting boats as they come in to dock.

Corn Island, Nicaragua being only a short distance from Colombia’s San Andreas Island, results in it being a passing point for drug runners. Narcotics traffickers pack their ships and speedboats with their cocaine cargo, en route to its prime customer, the United States. Read more...

Visiting an Organic Coffee Plantation in Nicaragua

Aristedes, nestled in the mountainous fecund Samulali region of Nicaragua, is among a growing number of northern small-scale coffee farmers who are becoming affiliated with The Organization of Northern Cooperatives, or CECOCAFEN, in order to obtain a higher price (“fairer price,” in Zeledon’s parlance) for their coffee beans.


As he guides us through his half-hectare (1.2-acre) farm we pass by aging equipment guarded diligently by a boisterous black canine. Standing tall with pride dressed in his best collared Sunday shirt under a row of hand-planted, shade-giving cedars, he professes the benefits he has received in the last three years with CECOCAFEN. Read more....

A boy in Nicaragua picking coffee
nicaragua coffee picker

Nicaragua: Many Attractions, Few Tourists

When I told my friends I was going to Nicaragua, they all said the same thing, “Be careful!” Years of news reports about the civil war between the Sandinistas and Contra rebels had shaped a vague impression of a nation defined by the overthrow of a brutal dictator, political turmoil and violence.

But the reality is that Nicaragua has been a peaceful democracy for more than ten years and has the lowest crime rate of any Latin nation. And it has something else – a surprising absence of foreign vacationers. Unlike its neighbor Costa Rica, there’s little tourist infrastructure to interfere with unconditional immersion in the culture and environment. Read more...


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