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Doing the tango at El Querandí. Photo by Sony Stark.
Doing the tango in Buenos Aires. photos by Sony Stark.

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Buenos Aires: Paris of the South

I envisioned tango to be a rigid discipline in personal space and arm movements with women in long black halter dresses and men in fashionable cumberbunds. Instead,

I was left breathless watching couples melt into each others clutches swaying seductively to the driving rhythms of the bandoneón (accordian). The outfits changed from conservatively long full skirts to wildly scantily lingerie.

Honestly, I felt like a voyeur watching a not-yet-rated intimacy short between two lovers. Seat yourself in one of the many tables close to the stage at El Querandi Restaurant in the heart of the city center and you'll know what I mean. 

A set of three sensual looking couples dance out Argentine's history during the two-hour performance. It's sure to be the highlight of your trip.

The rapturous body movements are so mesmerizing don't be surprised if you forget to enjoy the restaurant's famous caramel cream dessert. You know it's something special when that happens. Read more...

A parilla - photo courtesy of
A parilla - photo courtesy of


Blogging From Argentina

Ask anyone who has visited the country, Argentineans take immense pride in their beef. To try some of this heavenly meat in Argentina, search for a Parilla (a grill or barbecue house).

An Argentinean restaurant is considered to have good meat if it has an Asador -- an open fire of glowing coals around which a number of vertical metal crosses hold carcasses of goat, lamb and pork meat, thus look for this feature before sitting down.

Also take notice if the steak house you enter shares a presence with an enormous stuffed bull; this will let you know if the restaurant is at par excellence.

The finest cut of beef is usually Bife de Lomo (Eye Cutlet) and usually the most expensive, but to go with the people's choice, try Bife de Chorozo. It is a steak cut off the rib and similar to Sirloin or Porterhouse. Read more...


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