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Maasai warrior in Kenya - photo by Marie Javins
Maasai warrior in Kenya

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East African Safaris: A Unique Family Experience

“We took the photos home in our cameras, but we took the people home in our hearts.”

Lynne Leakey, a Silver Badge Naturalist Guide with the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA) is accustomed to hearing sentiments like these from visitors during the 30 years she has been escorting safaris throughout Africa. Read more

Ecotourism in Kenya's Savannah

"Tippa, darling, how do you stay so thin?"

"Why, Marie, I drink milk, eat beef, and I like to jump. I also spear lions."

Okay, this conversation didn't really happen. But only because my Swahili is limited to about six words.

Tippa was the resident Maasai in the safari truck I went around Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve in. He was our game spotter, though he personally had little use for lions, giraffes, hippos, and the like. He declared his favorite animals to be goats and sheep. Read more


Kenyans wait for foot to be distributed - photo
courtesy of Global Volunteer Network
Kenyans wait for food

Volunteering in Kenya: From the Safari to the Relief Station

As tourists in Kenya wear their shades to protect their eyes from the beaming sun, their eyes are also protected from seeing the extreme poverty conditions Kenyans are faced with.

It’s been three years since rain has fallen in Kenya. This has resulted in the worst drought in more than a decade within East Africa which has left millions of Kenyans suffering. The local people are the biggest victims as they watch their livestock die and their crops fail, making it almost impossible to a make a living. Read more


Beading off the Beaten Path: Experiencing Maasai Art and Culture

Going on a safari in Kenya can be an exhilarating adventure. Watching giant elephants roam the plains of Africa is a sight not soon forgotten. However, some tour companies use the land and people as an exhibit for profit without ever giving anything back. Fortunately, there has been a movement towards sustainable eco-tourism and some companies now seek ways to work with the members of the local communities. Read more


Breakfast at Campi ya Kanzi
breakfast at campi ya kanzi

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Fergus' article about climbing Mount Kenya.
' article about climbing Mount Kenya.
Shipton's Camp below the summit of Mt. Kenya. Photo by Cameron Fergus. Click on photo
AID Kenya provides basic necessities and education for orphans and vulnerable children
A A male baboon in the lowlands of Kenya. Video by Cameron Fergus. Click
Remotely Connected: Volunteering in Kenya By Sean Maurer Used by permission from Global Citizens
Mt. Kenya Videos by Cameron Fergus A Day 1 Jo and Sas Trekking A
AID Kenya provides basic necessities and education for orphans and vulnerable children in slums
Birds eating breakfast A Young Adult's Trip to Kenya By Jenna Kellam For a 20
'Kilimanjaro is bigger, but Mount Kenya is brighter.' Photo by Cameron Fergus. Click
The main road in Sigomere, just before a rainstorm. Photo by Marianne Stenger. Kenya
Lake Michaelson from the summit of Mt. Kenya
The main road in Sigomere, Kenya just before a rainstorm. Photo by Marianne Stenger. Click
A cheetah takes a drink in Kenya. photos by Shelley Seale. Kenya to Tanzania: A Safari Adventure
A Maasi tribesman guides a day walk at Campi ya Kanzi in Southern Kenya. Ecotourism

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