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Mali Photo Gallery

Photographs by David Rich

Dogon dancersDogon dancers.

Some Dogon masks are 30 feet high.Some Dogon masks are 30 feet high.

A donkey cart in the  Niger RiverA donkey cart in the Niger River.

Circumcision siteCircumcision site.

Ancient Tellem villages were built on the cliffsidesAncient Tellem villages were built on the cliffsides.

A classroom in TimbuktuA classroom in Timbuktu.

A Malian beautyA Malian beauty.

Another Malian beautyAnother Malian beauty.

And anotherAnd another.

Songha motifSongha motif.

Malian masksMalian masks.

Vendors in the market in D'JenneVendors in the market in D'Jenne.

David Rich in Tunisia

David Rich has been an international traveler, writer, and photographer for the last 13 years, living in 135 countries to date. He is a full-time international traveler, an occupation he finds far preferable to his former professions of law professor and trial lawyer, from which he says he’s now "mostly recovered."

A boatman in Kashmir Visit our David Rich Page with links to all his stories


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