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Putumayo's Italia newly released May 2009.
Putumayo Presents Italia

Putumayo's Italia: Musical Storytelling from Italy

Putumayo’s latest CD, Italia, was released in May, 2009. Featuring Italian singer-songwriters, this music at times transports you to hilltop villages, other times to smoky cabaret settings in postwar Italy.

Folk music inspired by Latin rhythm, swing, and Celtic tradition, it is the vocals that take center stage in this musical storytelling.   

Gianmaria Testa, singer-songwriter and poet from Piemonte in northern Italy. In Il Viaggio, accompanied by his guitar, he tells the moving story of his plan to follow a raging river from his mountain village to the place where it will meet the sea, leaving behind the bright stars.

Bandabardo is a successful band known for their energetic concerts. Their Il Principiante tells the story of a shy man’s first romantic experience.

Giorgio Conte has toured throughout Europe. In Balla Con Me he sings of a frequent dream in which he dances with his sleepy partner.

Gina is a catchy tune with fun rhyming lyrics performed by Lu Colombo, the only woman featured on the CD, with the Maurizio Geri Swingtet.  Gina is a drinker and is warned to stop abusing herself and find other ways to cope with life.

Lino Straulino hails from the Friuli region and often sings in the local dialect.  La Piccola Inglesina tells the story of an English maiden who marries the son of a count and is unhappy when he takes her far from her family.

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Putumayo World Music was established to introduce people to the music of the world's cultures. The label grew out of Putumayo clothing company, founded by Dan Storper in 1975 and sold in 1997. Co-founder Michael Kraus joined Storper to help launch Putumayo World Music in 1993.

Over the past fifteen years, the label has become known primarily for its upbeat and melodic compilations of great international music characterized by the company's motto: “Guaranteed to make you feel good!”

Cindy Bigras

Cindy Bigras grew up in Vermont and received a B.S. from Georgetown University. She studied and worked in Florence, Italy for three years. It was there that her love for all things Italian was born. She returns there as often as possible, and keeps her language skills sharp by watching Italian television.


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