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Cultures: Festivals and Traditions Around the World

Festival of Douz, Tunisia. photo by Sonja Stark.The world is full of so many different ways to experience life, enjoy spirituality, and day to day habits like what we eat and what we do all day. Cultures is a place that explores the world, from the eyes of our contributors, and shares stories of experiencing different world wide cultures.   This section contains articles about festivals and traditions around the world.

Festivals are how societies mark the special occasions, chances to wear the royal regalia, a chance to have fun with a community. As festivals reflect a country's insides, at GoNOMAD we publish articles that celebrate the fair in all its glory.

Chile: Rapa Nui's Mysterious Statues
The Festival of Sant Éfisio, Sardinia Italy
Scotland: The Orkney Islands
Mauritania: A Hunt for Rabbits
Rio's Carnaval and a Trip to Manaus
Indonesia: A Mysterious Jellyfish Lake
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