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Alyssa Pirrello: Exploring the World One City at a Time

Alyssa Pirrello has always felt the urge to travel, beginning with venturing to Guysborough County, Nova Scotia many summers as a child. In Nova Scotia, Alyssa's family were not tourists- they lived in a cabin on the lake, fetched water from a well, and enjoyed having a lake, a river, and the ocean right at their fingertips.

Now as a young adult, Alyssa has traveled extensively across the eastern coast of the United States, taking a roadtrip from Boston to New Orleans twice. Her favorite destinations from these trips include Nashville, Myrtle Beach, and Baton Rouge, in addition to New Orleans.

Alyssa also enjoys traveling places for short weekends closer to home- from New York City to Philadelphia and Montreal, she loves exploring new cities, meeting locals, and seeing what each location has to offer. Alyssa hopes to continue traveling in the future by working abroad in Ireland or teaching English in South East Asia.

nile2Excerpts from some of Alyssa's stories:

Fishing On the Longest River in the World

Aside from the incredibly scenery and wildlife in East Africa, fishing on the Nile River is an entirely different beast. Corne Schalkwyk, who runs Premier Safaris from Uganda, explains that the terrain and presence of dangerous game is truly what lends the Nile River to be a location for an adventurous fisherman. Anglers will be walking with an armed member of the Uganda Wildlife Authority to keep them safe from buffalos, elephants, and hippos, which are frequently seen in this area.

One fellow angler named Andy says that fisherman should know about “the danger of the heat, sun, and dehydration… come with a sense of adventure.” He continued on to explain that there were “quite frequent interactions with big game like buffalo, elephant, and hippo”.

TSA PreCheck Will Make Security Lines Go FasterAirport-security-line

While many people love to travel, there’s one thing about traveling that most people dread: going through the airport and waiting in the security line. The Transportation Security Administration recognized that the long waits were becoming an increasingly aggravating problem, so they created the TSA PreCheck, a new program that allows pre-approved passengers to go through an expedited security screening.

The TSA PreCheck was created in October 2011 in an effort to increase the efficiency of airport security without compromising the safety of travelers. Through the TSA PreCheck, pre-approved passengers are able to go through security without removing their shoes, belts, or light jackets. Additionally, passengers using the TSA PreCheck will not have to take their electronics or liquids in pre-approved amounts out of their carry-on bags.

Wcades-cove national-park-serviceWhat to Do, Where to Stay in Pigeon Forge

A trip to Pigeon Forge wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With its beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, and rich history, it’s no surprise that Cades Cove is the most popular destination within the National Park. Visitors may spot white-tailed deer, raccoons, turkeys, or even a black bear while visiting Cades Cove.

More than nine million visitors a year drive through this beautiful national park, which makes it one of the most attended parks along with Yellowstone National Park out west. There is also a part of the park where you can visit an old fashioned water powered mill that grinds corn into cornmeal. And there are preserved houses that show how people lived back in the olden days.

One thing that makes Cades Cove a great place to visit in the Smokies is that it doesn’t only have nature to offer, it also has history. While visiting, families can explore buildings in Cades Cove and learn what Appalachian pioneer life was like in the 1800s. From cabins and barns to churches and mills, numerous buildings have been preserved in Cades Cove to allow travelers to get a glimpse of the past.

Next Vacation, Stay in a Home Instead of a Hotelsantiago chile1

According to a Knok infographic, the top five things people report valuing most from participating in a home exchange are the money they save, the increased level of comfort, the bigger space, the ability to stay longer, and the fact that they are able to make new friends through the home exchanges. Most people converse via email a lot with their exchange partner before the trip, so they know where to find the best restaurants, markets, and attractions that might go unknown to most tourists.

Sheera Gendzel explains: “There’s a couple of great things about it. The first thing is you’re staying in someone’s home--you have more space and are more comfortable, and you are seeing the city through their eyes. You’ve messaged back and forth, you’ve built a relationship with them. It’s an authentic travel experience.”

nextfab3dPhiladelphia: So Much More Than Center City

It’s not just engineers who are succeeding in Philadelphia- it’s the artisans too. Margaux and Chalkboards made by Peg & Awl
Chalkboards made by Peg & Awl
Walter Kent started their business Peg & Awl four years ago after being inspired to make simple, basic, multifunctional items after they were married in Iceland.

Currently, they are making bags, journals, chalkboards, jewelry, rope swings, and more out of a former casket factory that now serves as their workshop.

Why did the Kents choose to start their business in Philly? Well besides wanting to stay close to family, Margeaux states “we’re here where so much has started.”

Walking on the Wild Side
Wondering if you can handle participating in the walking tour of Kenya? Rubin simply 
answers, “No one should feel like they’re not able to do it. The focus isn’t let’s walk ten miles today. It’s really easy walking; anyone
Photo Courtesy of KA Photography
can do it. It’s just a couple hours and you can take breaks. It’s really geared towards where you’re walking and what you’re seeing. The trip is all short walks to see sights. It’s great for people who like a little exercise, but it’s by no means demanding.”

While this tour sounds breathtaking, some people are sure to wonder why they should participate in a walking tour rather than the more typical game drive type of tour while in Kenya.

“I’ve been to Kenya many times and being able to walk there is different. Most people just drive the whole time and never get out of the car,” Rubin states, “[this tour] is more just for the experiential safari that you don’t get in 99% of the other tours. You really walk and get in some incredible scenery with craters, giraffes, islands… you don’t just get the safari.”

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