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Elle in Shoreham, VT with a local during a bicycle tour.
Elle in Shoreham, VT meeting a local at a farm market.

Elle Rahilly: The Stories of a Young Traveler

Elle Rahilly, GoNOMAD editorial assistant, has always had a strong fascination for exploring the unkown. An adventurist from a young age, Elle's passion for travel took her around the United States on family trips starting at seven years old.

That same drive inspired Elle to study overseas during her junior year at UMass Amherst, where she spent five months living in Granada, Spain. The experience abroad allowed Elle to immerse herself in a foreign society, opening her mind significantly. During her time in Granada, Elle ventured beyond the Spanish borders into many different European countries including France, Switzerland Portugal, Holland, Italy and Germany, visiting the historic sites, arts and cuisine of several cultures.

Elle returned to the the States feeling like a global citizen, enlightened by her experiences touring Western Europe to continue to explore different countries, cultures and societies. She matched this with her strong passion for writing and communications, introducing her to a position writing for

For the future, Elle hopes her love for travel and communications will take her across the globe, exploring unique and remote regions and cultures. She hopes to inspire a passion in others for adventure into the unknown.


Stories by Elle Rahilly:

The lone shepherd of Puglia. Photos: Messor
The lone shepherd of Puglia. Photos: Messor.

Become a Shepherd for a Day in Puglia

How would you like to slow down to the pace of an Italian shepherd, spending languid hours just sitting and relaxing while your sheep graze verdant pastures in one of the most beautiful places on Earth?  Oh, and at night, spend long hours at table eating the food that’s made the Mediterranean diet one of the most popular trends in food?

GoVoluntouring has a new program that lets stressed out Americans experience the simple bliss of life as an Italian shepherd and they'll also get to learn all about the culinary traditions of Puglia, in Southern Italy.  It’s not complicated, and your cellphone might not work….but who isn’t looking for a new way to unplug these days?

GoVoluntouring offers both shepherding and culinary workshops to visitors in the Puglia region of southern Italy in the summer of 2013. Participants will follow the ‘food journey’ from landscape to table and learn about how for centuries the people in the region have embraced a truly ‘green economy.’

The “Becoming a Good Shepherd Workshop” in Bari brings travelers up close with the rhythms of the natural world.   Here participants are given an opportunity to be part of a society less reliant on technology, and more focused on the earth’s natural and renewable resources. A Ticket to Mrs or Amorous Adventures

Beauty has always been of great importance in mainstream society. Fly looks will get you everywhere, literally and figuratively. That being said, we all know that fantastic looks alone do not necessarily rack in the dough. Banking on comparative advantages, it has become commonplace in today’s world for affluent individuals to seek beautiful companions, and vice versa. 

Therefore it came as no surprise for me to find a site dedicated to matching the “attractive” with the “generous”. If you’re foxy but simply cannot foot the cost of travel, allow to help you connect with all those worldwide who would love to pay your way, at the quite reasonable price of either your company or gratitude!

With so many dating sites, it should come as no surprise that people have put their hearts out there not just “on the line”, but online. And with being the number one travel dating website for singles, why not indulge?


At first glance it may seem a bit glib, with the words “WHO NEEDS MONEY, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TRAVEL FREE” stretched across the homepage, along with catch phrases such as “I only travel with beautiful women.”

But is it really so shallow? What are members looking for? Is it just about sex and arm candy, or something more? One of the prominent messages on is that 'escorts are not allowed.' 

A couple who met on, enjoying their travels to the fullest.
A couple who met on Miss Travel enjoying their vacation.

Beauty Only? 

The statistics say more. According to a recent study done by, not all members are looking for beauty at face value. When the generous male members were asked what they looked for in a travel companion, 41% answered that beauty was of most importance, while a surprising 39% claimed humor, leaving 18% who sought intellect within women. 

On the flip side, only 22% of attractive female members value generosity and wealth above all other qualities, with 57% stating a good sense of humor is the quality they most look for in a gentleman traveling partner. And coinciding with the previous responses, only 13% of the women on value physical attributes above all else.

To Brandon Wade, it’s not just about the superficial gains by any means. This being the fourth dating site he has created, he asserts himself to change the dynamic of dating worldwide. He puts a unique twist on each of his sites, providing a unique, convenient and ensuring approach to putting oneself out there. 

We surf the web for information, consumer goods, retail, entertainment…why stop there? People use websites as outlets for dating each day. goes beyond that, by allowing love to flourish not just online, but anywhere across the globe that the member desires. Visit to explore trips where you might even meet your next partner.


September in Vermont: Classic Cars and Rock Star Farmers

Local gentleman strolling the SHoreham Green with his pig, Mauve.Local gentleman strolling the Shoreham Green with his pig, Mauve.

Take the finest local organic produce and outdoor adventure, but compliment them with a tight-knit community, and so you have the state of Vermont. Most travelers never see this side—the one sans mass crowds of tourists swarming to the nearest mountain ski resort.

While I’ve ventured north countless winters to hit the slopes, I was curious to see what the Green Mountain State would be like during the harvest season. Enticed by a series of events that highlight Vermont’s fall attractions, my friend Dave and I headed up on a brisk September morning to discover what exactly this tight-knit community was all about.

The first site was a large wooden cabin surrounded by pick-ups and Subarus: “Eaton’s Sugarhouse” said the hand-painted sign on the cabin. I kissed my cell service and city shoes goodbye, threw on my sneakers and started to explore.

Sterling Silver Tours: A Ticket to High Tea and a Day at the Races

London has long been a tourist magnet, with its storied history and royal top attractions. Most visitors to London have seen the monuments, Big Ben, Tower of London, etcetera, while listening to tour guides share their history. But few have scraped below the contemporary surface to peer into the historical and cultural roots that have laid the foundation for British society.

Sterling Silver Tours strives to provide just that: a unique learning experience for travelers. Founded by a group of journalists and teachers who share a thirst for knowledge and travel, the Seattle-based travel company provides an innovative approach to exploring London by combining a television program wildly popular in the US with tours of London’s greatest attractions.

Experience a crash course at one of Britain's finest butler academies.
Experience a crash course at one of Britain's finest butler academies with Sterling Silver Tours.

Hands On Approach

The Downtown Abbey Tour package includes hotel accommodations and breakfasts, daily tours, a gourmet dinner, etiquette courses and two afternoon tea parties, and an evening of heavy hors d’oeuvres and champagne. By rebuilding the past, the tour group provides a hands-on approach to learning that is both entertaining and enlightening.

Still intent to live in the lap of luxury both to and from London? Major airlines like British Airways drop flight prices to London three or four times a year, so catch the deals using fare alerts and other web tricks.





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