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GoNOMAD Writer ProfilesShelley Seale, GoNOMAD Travel writer and blogger.

Shelley Seale: Traveling with a Purpose

Shelley Seale is an Austin-based freelance journalist who writes about lifestyle, travel, health, education, business, and nonprofit issues. She writes about her adventures around the world at her blog, Trading Places. She has written for National Geographic, USA Today, Andrew Harper Traveler magazine, Yahoo, CNN, the Austin Business Journal, Austin Woman, and many others.

Besides writing, Shelley is into vagabonding the world, yoga, indie movies, farmers markets, and a nice glass of wine. She has zip lined in Thailand, walked a llama in Chile, boarded down a volcano in Nicaragua, and was once robbed by a monkey in India. Her favorite quote is by Helen Keller: “Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”

GoNOMAD Travel Articles by Shelley Seale:

One Day in Bangkok for Less Than Ten Dollars (US)

If you’re traveling on a budget, Southeast Asia is a great place to do it in. Once you get here, it’s easy to keep the cost of living very low, and have an amazing time on just a few bucks.

Take your pick from our recommendations to build your itinerary for a great day in Bangkok, for less than $10 – and easily around $5.

Start the day with a visit to one of many incredible temples in Bangkok, one of the city’s biggest draws. It’s best to begin in the morning, before the day steams up in Thailand’s famously muggy heat. Read More

Ponheary Ly
Ponheary Ly was listed as a CNN Hero in 2010 for her work with the children of Siem Reap.

From Darkness into Light: How Ponheary Ly Emerged from Cambodia's Killing Fields

At the age of 14, Ponheary Ly died and came back to life. At least, that’s how she describes it. The year was 1977, and the Khmer Rouge was on its deadly rampage in Cambodia.

After seeing her father killed, along with 13 other family members, Ly was on the run and in hiding when some soldiers accused her of stealing food. They marched her deep into the woods and forced her to dig her own grave.

“The ground was very hard,” Ly recalls. “I only got a few inches down, and then I don’t remember what happened.” The next thing she was aware of was waking up in the shallow pit, covered with dirt.

“I must have fallen unconscious, I must have stopped breathing. The soldiers thought I died, and they buried me.” Read More

Street food in Shanghai. photo by Shelley Seale.
Street food in Shanghai. Photos by Shelley Seale

A Culinary Tour of China: Eating & Drinking Delights

Food for the Chinese has always been not only sustenance, but a social, cultural, and even spiritual tradition. The “Eight Great Traditions” which represent the different styles of food across China are somewhat familiar to most of us – Cantonese and Sichuan dishes, noodles and dumplings.

While these traditions are alive and well, today’s modern China is also a melting pot of exciting new fusion cuisines.

Which is why I jumped at the chance to visit the country when I was recently invited on a 12-day culinary tour. As I received the detailed itinerary for the trip, I noticed the focus on both food and also wine. I blinked and looked again. Wine? From China? Read More

Canals and building in Wuzhen, China. photos by Shelley Seale.
Canals and building in Wuzhen, China. photos by Shelley Seale

The Water Town of Wuzhen: The Venice of China

The beautiful 6,500-year-old water town of Wuzhen – the last in China – is often called the “Venice of the East.” It is a charming place full of ancient bridges, heritage hotels, boutiques and restaurants all built around an amazing water network that is part of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, the longest canal in the world.

Over the past thousand years, Wuzhen has not changed its name, water system or way of life, and the entire town is one of China’s most important cultural relics. It is literally a living museum for an ancient civilization’s history, food and traditions. Read More

The buildings of Wuzhen are all a century or more old, and built in the traditional wood and stone architecture, with tile roofs. Read More

Runjeet River in Darjeeling, India. photo by Shelley Seale.
Runjeet River in Darjeeling, India. photo by Shelley Seale.

Enjoying the Slow Life and Tea in Darjeeling, India

It’s often been said that nothing worthwhile is easy. This is a perfect way to describe the Darjeeling area of far northern India, which cannot in any terms be described as easy to get to. You have to want to go to Darjeeling; you have to be dedicated, really.

Starting from Kolkata or Delhi you fly into Bagdogra Airport or take the train to New Jalpaiguri station; from there it is either a 5-hour car ride along steep, winding, bumpy mountain roads or you can take the famous Himalayan Railway Toy Train – although this will take 7 hours or longer.

But let me put your mind to rest – all of this is exceedingly worth it. Although the ride is rather jostling it is also magnificent, with some of the most spectacular views on earth of the world’s highest mountains, and green valleys below dotted with villages and farms. And once you have arrived, you quickly begin to understand the draw that this magical place has. Read More

Dancer at Erawan Shrine. photo by Shelley Seale.
Dancers at Erawan Shrine


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