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Malea in Catania, Italy at the market.
Malea at Catania Market in Sicily.

Malea Ritz: Telling the Story of Travel

Malea Ritz, GoNOMAD editorial assistant, fell in love with travel at a young age from listening to her mother's travel stories as a flight attendant for the old Eastern Airlines. Her family moved around the east coast often due to her father's changing jobs so she became accustomed to picking up and leaving fairly easily. Her father often initiated day road trips to random places to keep her exploring.

She has always had a love for writing and traveling and loves to share her travel experiences with others. Every trip she has taken, she always records all of her thoughts, senses and experiences of the destination in a notebook. She collects every brochure, ticket, receipt and piece of her trip to scrapbook it all later.

In her senior year of high school, she traveled to Madrid, Spain for 10 days over spring break and stayed with a Spanish family for five in the nearby town of Majadahonda. She went to school with the family's children for a week and had a difficult time returning to the States after such an amazing experience.

Her sophomore year of college sent her back to Europe for a travel writing and photojournalism course to Sicily. Here, she spent her spring break touring through the island, meeting the locals and enjoying the best food and drink Sicily has to offer.

As for the future, Malea hopes to study abroad in Spain her junior year of college so that she can finally master the Spanish language and become fluent. She hopes to obtain a career as a travel writer after graduating from college and possibly live in Europe at some point in her life.


Stories by Malea:

Sleeping in the Trees of England

If ever lofty living seemed appealing as a child, staying in these English tree houses are sure to entice as an adult. These suites are not an average assemblage of boards set in the trees, they are luxury, ambiance and located in England. Scattered throughout the country are five top of the line tree houses that will release an inner child. Below are highlights of five different treehouse hotels scattered all across England. Who knew? Treehouse living turns out not to be for the less affluent, but if you have the pounds, you too can harness your inner Tarzan at these treehouse hotels.

Chewton Glen Tree House Suites, Hampshire

 Inside Centre Parcs Longleat forest treehouse accommodations, in England.
Centre Parcs

In July 2012, six luxury tree houses perched on stilts will open alongside the five star Chewton Glen Hotel. Each suite will include floor to ceiling glass panoramic views, ambient lighting, contemporary classic design and eco-friendly features. The tree houses are in hidden seclusion, just a short stroll away from the main hotel.

In addition, the Chewton Glen Hotel will be creating a walled Garden, enhanced landscaping and providing convenient parking. The suites will begin accepting guests Wednesday August 1, 2012, however advanced reservations are now being taken online or by phone at 1-800-344-5087. Email for further details.

Five New and Fun Attractions in Las Vegas

Ah, Las Vegas – the ultimate gambling getaway. With its garish glitz and gaudy glamour, it can be easy to become swallowed up in the stereotypical Vegas stay.

But besides the obvious, what else is there to do? What’s up and coming and new to do there? We’ve got the hook up on the latest and greatest Las Vegas has to offer, so grab a pen and paper and take notes.


Music, Comedy and Circus

Recently named the “Best New Show” on the strip by Vegas SEVEN and Las Vegas Weekly, Absinthe is a creative concoction of carnival and performance. Strange is an understatement when it comes to this show; the out-of-control acrobats and musical madness are one of a kind.

Audiences will experience ‘thrills and chills’ as they witness unbelievable feats right before their very eyes. Absinthe just celebrated its one year anniversary and 500th show milestone on April 1, 2012. It gets even more bizarre when they do the show in the dark!

iStopover Matches Events with Local Accomodations

A short-term rental website known as simplifies accommodations for travelers, saving them the hassle of sorting through non-vacant hotels while simultaneously saving them money.

With iStopover, you can even stay in Bali. Photo:

The website unites homeowners or renters with travelers following sporting, film, music, food and political events to assist them in finding nearby lodging with ease. Travelers are brought into contact with those who are renting out spare rooms, apartments, condos and entire houses for inexpensive and short-term housing.

iStopover’s social interaction allows travelers to safely search for rooms based on a “home away from home philosophy,” including amenities that hosts offer. These could include a favorite beer already stocked in the refrigerator, snacks previously placed in the pantry and rides to the event of the traveler’s choice. This feature allows hosts to make the arrangements with their guests, prior to their arrival.

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