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Help us Choose the Best GoNOMAD Stories of 2010

Which were your favorite travel articles over the past year? Help our editors select and honor the best travel writing from GoNOMAD. Use the Facebook comment box to list your 10 favorite stories from general contributors and select the remaining favorites below.

New contributors (pick ten):

Martha's Vineyard: Homeland of the Wanpanoags

Top Ten Travel Stories of 2010

Benin and Togo: The Birthplace of Voodoo

Kabini and Bhadra, India: Life Unfolds by the Riverside

Weaving the Silk of the Sea in Sardinia

Roraima: Venezuela’s Lost World

Vienna, Austria: Swan Lake, Schnitzel and Strudel

Kyrgyzstan, April, 2010: Reflections on a Revolution

Metro Detroit: Bulletproof Vest Not Required

The Idaho Panhandle: Crossing the Crown of the Continent

Sacred Trees of Western India: Mumbai's Green Ambassadors

Jamu in Java: Lessons From The Grandmothers of Indonesia

Swimming With Sharks on St. Maarten: Anything for a Story

Climbing Mount Takao: A Delightful Escape from Tokyo

Rediscovering Newfoundland and the East Coast Trail

A Family Vacation in Egypt: Exciting and Relaxing

Cambodia's Angkor Wat: Glorious and Inspiring

Padua: A Northern Italian University Town

Cruising New Zealand's Doubtful Sound: Marvelous, Majestic, Mysterious

A Locavore in Costa Rica: Living the Dream

The Island of Vis, Croatia: Back from Obscurity

The Stone People of Pompeii: A Terrible Moment Frozen in History

Guatemala: Sunday Night In Antigua

Daytripping in Venice Beach, California

A Perfect American Fourth of July -- in Thailand

Tracing Family Roots Back to the Isle of Man

A Woman's Life in Jordan: The Joys and the Hassles

Berlin's Vibrant Arts Scene: 'Very Modern, Very Edgy'

Brunei's Empire Hotel: An Adventure in Opulence

Summiting A Swiss Mountain With Your Kids

Cyprus: Motorbiking Through the Land of the Gods

Bolivia's Cerro Rico Mine: Entering the Inferno

Regulars (pick ten, one per author):


Living Fa’a Somoa: Hospitality and Family Rule

Deep in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea

Athens: Worth All the Marbles

St. Martin: Paradise With a French Twist

Northern Ethiopia: Traveling Through Beauty, Back in Time



Manchester, England: The Groovin' Capital of the North

Nelson, New Zealand: A Crafty, Artsy Coastal Community

A Mancation in Spokane: Unforgettable Thrills

Naked in Vermont: A Visit to a Clothing-Optional Resort

Sacramento: The Leafy, Artsy Capital of California

York, England: Romans and Vikings in The Original York

Wyoming: Viewing Wolves in Yellowstone Park

The Azores: Nine Green Islands in the Atlantic

Rhode Island’s South County: Quirky Cuisine, Great Fishing


The Macau Grand Prix: Fearsome Motorsports Competition



The Festival of the Sahara: Galloping Stallions, Camel Wrestling and Rabbit Chases



Spain: Stalking the Wild Tapas of Santiago de Compostela



Charles Dickens: He Was a Travel Writer, Too!

Touring Canada by Train: It's The Way to Go!



Cruising from New Jersey: An Easy Departure for Families

New Hampshire's White Mountains: Family Fun at 6,288 Feet


David Rich

New Zealand's South Island: Splendid Adventuring

Death Valley California: The Innards of the Earth

Mongolia: The Big Empty is Full of Surprises



Why We Can't Stop Talking About Eat, Pray, Love

Durga Pujo: Kolkata's Favorite Festival

Sights and Sounds of Providence: Rhode Island’s Creative Capital



Sky Waltzing Over Jaipur, India, in a Hot-Air Balloon



Spain: Cheering for the Bull in Valencia

Valencia, Spain: Las Fallas, One Crazy Festival!

Hubei Province: Discovering China's Grand Canyon



Running with Gazelles in Morocco

Jordan: Lessons From the Other Holy Land



Lebanon on the Rise: The World is Beirut-ing Again!

Morocco's Atlas Mountains: Running Hot and Cold

In Search of History in Samos, Greece

The Princes’ Islands Near Istanbul: A Great Place to be Exiled


Interns (pick three):

Greenfield, Massachusetts: A Good Old-Fashioned Home Town

A Windjammer Cruise Along Maine's Craggy Coast

Liechtenstein: A Friendly Little Country With Lots To Offer

Top Ten Places for a Date in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ayutthaya, Thailand: Exploring An Ancient Siamese City

People Helping People in Afghanistan: Marigold's Humanitarian Work

Baltimore Attractions Won't Break the Bank

Advice and Resources for the Traveler with Special Needs

Jamaica Bay: “The Jewel of New York Harbor”

Top Ten List will be published next week on GoNOMAD Watch the video of the winners!


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