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Bill Pfeffer: An Artist Who Loves to Travel

Bill Pfeffer is a successful artist and aspiring travel writer who lives in Northern California.

In October of 2007, Bill and his wife Marge quit their jobs and headed off to Asia where they began a twelve month around the world adventure, notable by the fact that all travel was overland - from the island of Bali up to Beijing, across Mongolia and Russia on the train, down through Eastern Europe to Rome, then back up to The Netherlands, finally returning to America a year later on the Polish freighter Isadora.

Their adventure took them to Indonesia (two months), Malaysia (one month), Southern Thailand (one month), Laos (one month), Northern Thailand (one month), Cambodia (two weeks), Vietnam (one month), China (three months), Mongolia/Russia (three weeks), Eastern Europe (three weeks), Western Europe (three weeks) and a Freighter across the Atlantic (three weeks) - a total of 372 days on the road.

Bill says "Not sure how long we'd even last, this voyage exceeded our expectations, brought a new perspective to our lives, and primed us for further explorations around the world."

Stories and photos by Bill Pfeffer:

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat: Glorious and Inspiring

“Brand new Toyota. I’m not Mafia.”

With this odd introduction, the handsome Cambodian with the Chiclet teeth shadowed our dusty trek down the stretch of landscape that connects the Thai town of Poipet to the Cambodian settlement of Aranyaprathet, a barren wasteland where beggars and touts compete in an outdoor gauntlet of destitution and opportunity.

Determined to travel around the world overland, we rejected the one-hour flight from Bangkok and opted to hire a private car to Siem Reap. Shielding my eyes while shooing away flies, I jealously traced the jet trail above, and questioned the wisdom of this decision. Read more...

Znojmo: Czech Out Moravia




Znojmo, Czech Republic

If Znojmo were any more anonymous, the Federal Witness Protection Program would stash all their people here. In fact, it would not surprise me to discover Jimmy Hoffa running the pension next to our hotel.

Not even mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide, Znojmo is an inconspicuous and little visited destination apart from the trendy and popular towns of Prague and Cesky Krumlov.

Three hours south of Prague, and an hour and a half north of Vienna, this spotless village in the Czech Republic territory of Moravia flirts with its neighbor Austria in the midst of a burgeoning wine industry, content with neglect and comfortable being overlooked as a tourist stopover. Read more...


More Stories by Bill Pfeffer on GoNOMAD:

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Bill Pfeffer

A Bill Geist's new book, Way Off the Road. Way Off the Road: Bill Geist Takes Us
The entry to Dangerous Lookout on Hua Shan, China's 'Splendid Mountain.' Photo by Bill Pfeffer
Monks by a rice paddy. Photos by Bill Reyland. Click on photo to enlarge. Sitting
-holding. And donAt forget to check out what also lies beneath the streets. Bill Speidel's
Emerald Valley, Anhui Province. Photo by Bill Pfeffer. Click on image to return to Bill
The new, the old, and the very old. Photo by Bill Pfeffer. Click on image to return
Mr. Sony, our personal valet. Photo by Bill Pfeffer. Click on image to return to Bill
. St. Basil's Cathedral in the Kremlin. Photo by Bill Pfeffer. Click on photo to return
Delicate carvings that have lasted for centuries. Photo by Bill Pfeffer. Click on image
The ruins of Ta Prohm, slowly being destroyed by fig trees. Photo by Bill Pfeffer. Click
View from Yellow Mountain, Anhui Province. Photo by Bill Pfeffer. Click on image
Pristine carvings at Banteay Srei, the 'Citadel of the Women.' Photo by Bill Pfeffer
Pfeffer. Click on image to return to Bill Pfeffer's article about Siem Reap.
by Bill Pfeffer. Click on image to return to Bill Pfeffer's article about Siem Reap.
the other world. Photo by Bill Pfeffer. Click on image to return to Bill Pfeffer's article about Siem Reap.


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