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Sarah Cavicchi

Sarah Cavicchi

Sarah Cavicchi is a recent graduate from UMass Amherst. The self-proclaimed luckiest intern in the world was flung to Thailand in July of 2010, cementing her love of travel writing. Optimistically unemployed, she hopes to pursure her passion for writing and invites any employers to her online resume. Below are articles she wrote for GoNOMAD when she was an editorial assistant in the summer of 2010.



Culinary and Wine Tours Around the World

If your tastes are a little bit more refined and want to indulge in the cultural cuisine of far off places, start by taking one of the indulgent tours listed below. Luxury, class and pampering are a specialty for most of these tours. Don't dare worry about a single thing, just sit back relax and let your taste buds take on all the excitement.

Avid to amateur wine enthusiasts are able to visit wineries from South Africa to Thailand to Spain. Cook like the Italians in private kitchens all over Italy. Leave your recipe book at home, and mix your own ingredients for one delicious and hedonistic adventure... Read more


Advice and Resources for Travelers with Special Needs

For travelers with special needs, planning any sort of vacation can be quite a production. With mobility equipment, oxygen tanks, medications, and service animals there is an endless possibility of potential packing and mobility problems.

Never mind that certain ports and countries around the world aren’t up to date on proper accessibility codes.

But traveling with special needs isn’t a pipe dream; it is possible. “Travelers with special needs assume that they have to stay home alone. Getting the word out allows people to start dreaming again and get out there” says Andrew Garnett, CEO of Special Needs Group...Read more


Doorman at the Chelsea Cloisters.
Chelsea Cloisters



London Apartment Rentals: A Good Way to Save on Lodging

I was daydreaming about my next London visit the other day, so naturally I was looking at all the luxury hotels. The Dorchester in the Mayfair neighborhood, one of the tip top choices for luxury accommodations seemed like a good choice.

Their famous Oliver Messel Suite was calling me, with its anteroom that's been graced by Marlene Dietrich and the sitting room couch that's been graced by Bob Hope’s bottom...Read more


Hammock shopping in Mexico. Photo by Evelyn Hannon.
Evelyn Hannon

Solo Travel Hang-Ups and How to Fix Them

Traveling solo is one of those experiences that can be rewarding and life changing, but it can also be full of scary adjustments, even to the most seasoned traveler.

Evelyn Hannon, solo traveling expert and editor of, knows all too well how challenging it can be. In the 80's, fresh from an amicable divorce with her partner of over 20 years, Hannon decided it was time to push herself further as a traveler... Read more


GoNOMAD Reviews New Travel Products

These neat little gadgets are a godsend in the era of digital cameras. Better yet, its a reusable power source for the eco-conscious, and simple for the techno-wary.

All you do is remove the little green cap and plug in to your nearest USB port. A little green light should turn on when charging, will start flashing when it's 90% of the way charged, and will turn off when the little suckers are good to go ...Read more

The Reclining Buddha peeks out of his wiharn.
The Reclining Buddha peeks out of his wiharn in Ayutthaya, Thailand.


Ayutthaya, Thailand: Exploring An Ancient Siamese City

After exploring Thailand's bustling cosmopolitan center of Krung Thep (that's Bangkok to you and me), I was ready to go on farther excursions to get a more complete picture of Thailand.

So when our tour guide gave us a history lesson on Ayutthaya as we settled in the van first thing in the morning, I had an internal geek out and began furiously taking notes.

I've always really enjoyed ruins and other crumbling buildings wherever I roam, despite some experienced travelers' opinions and upturned noses to sightseeing. There's something indescribable about ancient sites that I love... Read more


A cultural hub created by Cuban immigrants, Little Havana, Miami is the next best thing to sneaking into Cuba. Practice your Spanish, drink café con leche, buy Santeria candles and view quirky architecture painted tropical colors. It's a lively urban scene, by day or night.

WHEN TO GO? Unless you want to melt to the sidewalk, visit when the sun is low on the horizon -- November through April -- when it's generally sunny, in the 70's or 80's. This allows you to avoid the rainy hurricane season... Read more

San Francisco skyline.
San Francisco skyline

City Of Stairways: A Poet's Guide to San Francisco

Good travel writing not only tells you what you need to know, but describes the location with such sensory details that the reader feels the experience.

City of Stairways: A Poet's Field Guide to San Francisco, although a poetry collection, evokes a sensory experience so similar it must be good travel writing.

A product of the afterschool program WritersCorps, students write about seven neighborhoods of San Francisco, California. With maps detailing each poems origin, poetry and travel lovers alike can benefit from this field guide.... Read more

Lake Lovers Have a Home at

When I was a kid my mother would set up my brother and I on our bicycles and lead us down to the town lake for swimming lessons. Cranberry Cove in Eastern Mass was our summer haven were we caught rainbow fish in nets over the side of the docks.

Lakes are like sweethearts, with the fond memories and a deeply personal connection that never quite dies out. They take on their own character, and people around the world have grown up on their very own personal favorite lakes... Read more

Wat Chaiwatthanaram's treacherously steep chedi climb
Wat Chaiwatthanaram's treacherously steep chedi climb

An Irreverent Curiosity: The Search for the Savior's Foreskin

In Travel writer David Farley's new book, An Irreverent Curiosity: In Search of the Church's Strangest Relic in Italy's Oddest Town he takes the reader along on his quest to locate the Holy Foreskin, one of the Catholic Church's more infamous relics that mysteriously went missing in 1983.

With almost blasphemous humor and wit, Farley sorts through all the history, legend, and town gossip from the small hilltop hamlet of Calcata. Called the city of freaks by the rest of Italy, the colorful townspeople of Calcata make a strange story even stranger, but in the best possible way... Read more






Sarah Cavicchi

Vitra Design Museum, Basel, Switzerland. Photos by Sarah Hartshorne. Switzerland
Bells at an abandoned mission outside of QuerA(c)taro. Photo by Sarah Hartshorne. Click
to Cook and Taste Great Wines on Vacation! By Sarah Cavicchi If your tastes are a little bit more
A City Of Stairways: A Poet's Guide to San Francisco Excerpted by Sarah Cavicchi
A fountain in Santiago de QuerA(c)tero. Photo by Sarah Hartshorne. Click on photo to return
by Special Needs Group. Advice and Resources for the Traveler with Special Needs A By Sarah Cavicchi
An elephant ride in Ayutthaya. Photo by Sarah Cavicchi. Read More about Thailand
by London Apartment Rentals: A Good Way to Save on Lodging By Sarah Cavicchi I
of the Church's Strangest Relic in Italy's Oddest Town A A Sarah Cavicchi
An Ancient Siamese City By Sarah Cavicchi After exploring Thailand's bustling cosmopolitan center
to Fix Them A By Sarah Cavicchi Traveling solo is one of those experiences that can be rewarding
Updated by Sarah Cavicchi WHY GO? A cultural hub created by Cuban immigrants, Little
Taiwan's Hidden Islands Tajikistan An elephant ride in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Photo by Sarah Cavicchi
An elephant ride in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Photo by Sarah Cavicchi. Tajikistan: Traveling
By Stephen Hartshorne My daughter Sarah and I drove up to Squam Lake last week for a father

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