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Jessica Hayden

Jessica Powley Hayden
is a freelance writer who covers a range of issues including travel, politics, foreign affairs and law. Her work has appeared in Slate, Transitions Abroad, TravelMag, and numerous other publications. She also contributed to a book on investing for teens published by the Motley Fool. Visit her website at
Hip Utah (Really!)

Backpacking in Kazakhstan: Negotiations at 10,000 Feet

Istanbul: City of Superlatives

Ephesus and Gokova: Two Turkish Treasures

Kashgar, China: The Market at the Top of the World

Bukhara, Uzbekistan: Modern Adventures on the Ancient Silk Road

Culture and Carpets: Discovering Turkmenistan Through Its Art

Jennifer Wattam Klit

Jennifer Wattam Klit is a student and a film person. She is a Canadian who resides in Helsingor, Denmark.
Monaco for the Average Joe

Helsingor, Denmark: Hamlet's Home Town

Crete: Majesty, History, and Adventure

Crete Photo Gallery

Charlotte Turner

Charlotte (Turner) Baird is a part-time travel writer and primary school teacher from London. She has previously taught in China and travelled throughout Asia. 

A Pirate Pub Crawl Aboard a Canal Boat

The Yorkshire Dales: Camping in Wallace and Gromit Country

Fort William, Scotland: Gateway to Highland Adventure

Teaching English in China

Smog, Scooters, Bread and Cheese in Ho Chi Minh City

Martha Miller

Freelance writer Martha Miller of Austin, Texas, is working on a book about the two years she lived in Rome.

Trastevere, the Heart of Rome

Riding in Rome--Doing as the Romans Do, on Two Wheels

A New Life in an Old City: Living in Rome

Jason Gaskell

Jason Gaskell is the editor of Oriental Tales. He is a writer and editor, currently working for a Korean publishing company in Seoul. You can see more of his writing at Jason-Gaskell.Info.
Indonesia: Bali After the Bombings

Volunteering in Nigeria

A Celebration in Luxor: A Little Humor Goes a Long Way

Teaching English in South Korea

Terry Braverman

Terry Braverman travels internationally as a professional speaker, seminar leader and writer. His primary topic is based on his bestselling book, When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Lighten Up! For more information, go to this link.
Costa Rica: History, Geology and Pageantry

Chiang Mai Thailand: Change in the Air

Hangin' with the Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand

A Time Warp in Myanmar

Vientiane and Vicinity: Savoring Papaya, Pone and French Colonial Charm

Catherine Richards Golini

Catherine Richards Golini is a freelance writer, teacher and editor. Born in Wales, raised in England, she is currently enjoying the quiet life in Locarno, Switzerland. Visit Catherine's website.

Italy's Lake Maggiore: Fanciful and Fantastic

GoNOMAD Destination Mini Guide: Lake Como, Italy

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