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Matthew Kadey: Biking Adventures Around The World

Matthew Kadey is a Canadian-based scribbler who suffers from chronic wanderlust. In addition to Ethiopia, he has taken his trusty two-wheeler to Ireland, Jordan, Laos, New Zealand, Belize and Portugal. His photography and writing can be seen at

Matt has written and/or provided photography for dozens of publications including:

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"Cycling opens up a whole new world of photographic and writing opportunities," he says. "Sure, points A and B are interesting, but it's what's between them that's really exciting."

If you would like to contact Matthews regarding photography or writing assignments, to order prints or anything else that suits your fancy, please feel free to email him.

Stories and photos by Matthew Kadey:


A horsecart near Cajobado

Bicycling Cuba: Bluebird Skies and Welcoming Homestays

Just a few tire rotations from the arid town of Cajobado along the island’s eastern most fringes, the road takes a sudden turn north and we’re almost immediately forced to gear down. Save for the occasional ’55 Cadillac and galloping horse with carriage in tow, Tabi and I are left alone to tackle the steep switchbacks one laborious pedal stroke at a time.

Wending through and cresting the Sierra del Purial mountain range on its way to once isolated Baracoa on the north coast, the last bit of pavement of the La Farola road was laid down in the sixties and is widely considered the first great engineering feat of the Cuban revolutionary government.

Surrounded by a world that has come alive with resplendent views of lushly overgrown hills that hold some of the richest biodiversity in the Antilles, it's clear this lauded road is taking us deep into a landscape on steroids. Read more...


Taking in one of Canyonlands many brilliant vistas

Biking Utah's Canyonlands: The White Rim Trail

The White Rim Trail Mountain Bikers along the White Rim Trail split their attention between topsy-turvy paths and blushed rock formations with serious backcountry karma.

My ears are ringing with silence; the only relief coming from a raven's caw, a collard lizard scampering to find shelter under a desert bush and the sound of my lungs taking in the untarnished air.

Mineral Bottom is the trip's longest and final monster climb. After 1,000 feet of elevation gain out of this canyon, we emerge from the serpentine switchbacks, breathless and sunburnt, with a sense of pride that comes from conquering one of mountain biking's crowning jewels. Read more...


The castle at Sabugal

Biking Portugal's Heartland: The Grand Route of Historical Villages

It's hot. Very hot. Nothing moves on this parched, sunsplashed landscape save a hovering vulture, a scurrying gecko and the flaxen dirt disturbed by our circumvolving tires and falling beads of sweat.

Pedro's GPS delivers the somber news: the mercury is pushing 40 degrees C (104F) and many more pedal strokes will be needed to reach the apogee of this section of trail. Salt stains have turned my once-blue jersey into a harsh display. It's well past malodorous.

The long, hairy downhill out of Castelo Rodrigo, after our afternoon repast, which bounced me around as if I was in a steel-cage match with Hulk Hogan, is now a distant, cherished memory. Read more...


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Matthew Kadey

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Doi Chaang, Thailand. Photo by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo to return to Matthew
Getting a shoeshine in Trinidad, Cuba. Photo by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo to return
A horsecart near Cajobado, Cuba. Photo by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo to return
A girl with a parasol in Bayam, Cuba. Photo by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo to return
Working on his fastball in Trinidad, Cuba. Photo by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo
Tabi watches a passing ox cart. Photo by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo to return
Barbeque on a bicycle. Photo by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo to return to Matthew
A boy from the Akha tribe in northern Thailand. Photo by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo
by Matthew Kadey. Click on photo to return to Matthew Kadey's article about coffee in Thailand.
Monsanto A Matthew Kadey is a Canadian-based photographer
A Matthew Kadey is a Canadian-based photographer and freelance
The ride to Piodao A Matthew Kadey is a Canadian-based

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