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Top Restaurants in Northampton, Massachusetts
Northampton restaurant

By a “College Student at Smith, in Northampton.”

Have lived in NoHo as a college student for two years so far, so I know the eatery selection pretty well!

1. Amanouz Cafe
Excellent Moroccan food, very cheap. Nice people, small but cozy and authentic atmosphere. Also doubles as an informal art gallery displaying local work.

You order up at the counter, they'll take your name and then bring you your food when it's ready. You go get your own silverware, napkins, water, etc. though. Informal without seeming cheap -- you feel like you're having a hip, authentic meal.

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Try the couscous vegetable or the shwerma -- my favorites. And make sure to have some mint tea -- so sweet and a perfect complement to dinner!

2. Spoleto
Spoleto Restaurant, Northampton, Massachusetts
Fantastic Italian cuisine if you're willing to spend a bit. Pricey but delicious.

This is a good "special occasion" restaurant -- where Amanouz makes a good "anytime" place, I'd save expensive Spoleto for when you have an excuse to splurge.

3. Jake's
"Jake's No Frills Dining" is an appropriate name -- it has diner-style food in a busy, noisy little cafe atmosphere. But the food is delicious and cheap and the staff is friendly. A great saturday-morning place.

17 King St
Northampton MA
(413) 584-9613

4. Teapot
Asian cuisine (Chinese, some Japanese also available). The Chinese entrees are superior, here, but the sushi is out of this world.

The staff are ok, but not exceedingly nice.

Teapot Restaurant
116 Main St
Northampton MA 01060
(413) 585-9308

5. Sylvester's
Breakfast and lunch have never looked better. But get in early (or late) -- it's always packed on the weekends!

This is a good choice if you want a slightly more "elegant" version of Jake's. It's a little nicer and pricier here. It's lower on the list because Jake's is a better value - cheaper, with comparable quality food.

6. India Palace
Delicious, hearty, FILLING Indian food. It may look like it comes in small helpings, but don't be fooled! The food is tasty and satisfying, and the staff are efficient and polite. Don't forget to have warm naan with dinner, and try some vegetable fritters to start out. You won't regret it.

India Palace
28 Main St
Northampton MA
(413) 584-4892

7. Northampton Brewery
A nice place to have a quiet and elegant but hearty meal. Nothing too interesting about the food, but a nice atmosphere, very friendly staff, and generally tasty stuff.

To be fair, it may be that it seems a little less interesting here primarily because of the extensive selection of unique places to eat in Northampton. Still, that doesn't mean it should be overlooked!

8. Local Burger This is the home of perhaps the best burger you can find in Western Massachusetts. Locally raised, grassfed beef, tempting french fries and onion rings, but the star is definitely that big old burger. Across from Fitzwilly's top of Main St.

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