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GoNOMAD DESTINATION MINI GUIDThe Falkland Islands(The Malvina Islands)E

The Falkland Islands (The Malvina Islands)
By Gary Joyce

A collection of 420 islands, most uninhabited, in the South Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of Argentina. The islands occupy a space some 160 miles (west to east) by 85 miles.
They offer 4×4 tours, diving, naturalist tours, fishing tours, etc.

There are a few others offering some of the services (especially 4×4 rental and land tours).

Walk around Stanley. You’ll find plenty of stuff to do. Walking the cliffs out of town, watch out for big, seriously pissed-off southern sea lion males without harems (that’s why they’re pissed off). You will smell them first if the wind’s blowing in the right direction. If not, keep your ears open. Pay attention to the “mine” signs wherever you go: you never know.

Hang out at the port like a local when some of the “adventure” cruise ships pull in for the day. Makes you feel really rugged. And, once, I actually met someone who knew someone, who knew someone that I … six degrees of separation, et al.

There are some half-dozen hotels and inns in town, all in classic small-town English style, complete with darts and bitters in the bar, Union Jacks, soccer club cups, etc. Rooms are a bit drafty, but neat, clean and cozy (as in small). Don’t be surprised if someone offers you a spare bed in their home, or invites you over for dinner (You do like lamb, don’t you?).

  • Upland Goose Hotel
    Tel: +500-21455; fax: +500-21520
  • Malvinas House Hotel
    Tel: +500-21355; fax: +500-21357

Your only options outside of a home-cooked meal and a bakery treat are the few taverns and restaurants in Stanley. The fare is, well, British, and mutton is ubiquitous, but servings are usually quite filling, and prices are generally reasonable. Pub food is the best bet.

Stanley has every shop your usual small city has: hairdressers, doctors, lawyers (barristers), school, supermarket, bakery, haberdashery, hardware, etc. The products are British and the prices aren’t terribly dear (as the locals would say); the Falklands are, after all, part of the British Empire.

The Falklands are still part of the British Empire, so unless you need a visa for the UK, you don’t need one for the Falklands. But because you have to pass through some other countries to get here, you may need visas for other stops.


Falkland Islands Tourist or

Falkland Tourism
Tel: +500-22215; fax: +500-22619

The best book to read is Battle for the Falklands by Max Hastings and Simon Jenkins. It’s military history, and well-written for what can be a quite dry genre. The book will give you an excellent idea of just what the Falklands are all about. carries it and a (very!) few others on the islands.

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